A complete tool for your marketing

Increase your sales with personalized emails, delivery schedules, website creation, delivery automations, advanced segmentation and much more.

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Marketing as a tool

The challenge

Have you ever needed to send an email marketing to your customers? How was it? Have you created a contact list, taken a ready-made template and sent messages manually? It worked, didn't it? And for customer prospecting? Have you ever sent emails and didn't know who opened the message, who read it, who clicked on the link you attached? What about message automation? Have you ever suffered from it?
Meet Mailchimp! A complete tool for your marketing.

The Solution

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email service to manage and implement your customer engagement, marketing and sales strategy.

Marketing as a tool


  • Your Business
  • Automate and Manage
  • Creativity and Insights
online business
      • Market your business: send the right messages on all the right channels. Create emails, social ads, landing pages, postcards and more in one place.
      • Put your business online: create a beautiful website with a custom domain, launch an online store and let customers book appointments directly from your website.
      • Automate your marketing: add a personal touch with no personal effort through automated messages that reach your customers at exactly the right times.
      • Audience management: put your team at the center of your marketing with tools that help you get to know your audience and insights that can help drive better results.
audience management
creative tools
      • Creative tools: let your brand shine with easy-to-use design tools, flexible templates, and custom AI-powered designs.
      • Insights and analytics: With all your data and insights in one place, you can see what's working best and get recommendations to help you do more.
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Mailchimp and the Siena Company have created a variety of platform acquisition models to suit everyone.

If you have a team or professional responsible for the marketing part, the purchase can be made on the Mailchimp website. If you don't have this professional, Siena Company can help you with this task, appointing an expert on the platform.
As with any corporate solution, purchasing the product is just the first step. This is followed by a journey that includes:

  • System administrator training.
  • User empowerment.
  • Platform monitoring.

Siena Company has qualified professionals to support you on this journey in the model that best suits your digital transformation strategy.
If you need more information, or a product demo, or any additional clarification, please contact us.